Friday, August 20, 2010

Using Notepad after Schema Changes

Often I want to make changes to a schema that I'm using in BizTalk. Typically I will change a node name (or two), or I'll change the namespace.

That will break any maps that reference the schema, and I'll sometimes get error messages if I compile an orchestration that uses the schema. Even worse, if I have some xpath expression in an orchestration, I may not figure that out that it's broken until run time.

I end up using a simple text editor like notepad to edit the map file(s) and orchestration file(s) directly, so I won't have to track down all of the usages of the changed node (or namespace) in the schema. I can just use simple search and replace (although I do check each replace instance before I actually do it). I don't work much with other BizTalk people these days, so I don't know if my approach is common...

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