Saturday, September 09, 2006

I found 2 links that I want to keep here, for my future reference. If someone else uses them, I ask that they deposit $10,000 in my swiss bank account...(doesn't hurt to ask, right)?

The first one, from David Hurtado's blog, shows how to promote context properties within an orchestration. It also has a link to Jon Flander's blog to show how to do this in a pipeline component (which I believe you could now use inside an orchestration with BizTalk 2006).

The second link is to Jan Eliasen's blog. I've been tearing my hair out because for most of DTD's that I get from customers, when I import them into Visual Studio and use the schema editor, all of the nodes show up at the top level. Jan showed me how to get the schema to show up in VS in a clean, heirarchical way.

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